‎سلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته ومغفرته Dear brothers and sisters.  Peace be upon you all.  All Praise to Allah for guiding and supporting us during this noble act of building a Masjid to worship Him and to advance and promote His Deen.

We have been very busy indeed from the last blog to the end of winter!  As was intended and planned, we have finally completed the 1st and 2nd floors and all praise and gratitude firstly goes to our Creator and Cherisher, The Most Merciful Allah The Almighty.  And secondly to you, our ever generous brothers and sisters who have been so kind and supportive during this project.  May Allah accept all of your duas and kind donations. AMEEN!

We welcome you to visit the Masjid and see for yourself the beautiful completion of the 1st and 2nd floors.

To summarise, the following is now complete with both floors in use:

  1. 1st floor and 2nd floor
    • Ladies and Mens entrance lobby
    • Stairwells and landings
    • Corridors
    • Elevator
    • Wudu, WC and disabled WC
    • All classrooms
    • Multi-Purpose room
    • Office
    • Server room

We have now started work on the ground floor and request you kindly extend your duas and support for the final phase of the project.

جزاك الله خيراواحسن الجزي

Masjid Muadh Ibn Jabal





RAMADHAN MUBARAK to you all!.  Firstly let us thank Allah the All Mighty for accepting our dua’s and making it a reality to open the new Masjid for use this Ramadhan exactly as we intended and wished last Ramadhan!  Whilst it is not in its completed decorative state, it is none the less very comfortable and usable.  We are immensely proud and touched by your comments, support and satisfaction of finally being in the new masjid to worship none other than the only one Allah Subhanawata’ala!  We are pleased to see so many new faces and the comments of how comfortable and enjoyable everyone is finding this Ramadhan in the new masjid.  By now you may all have seen our interior design images and WOW what comments and approvals we have received from everyone.  Let us answer the question everyone keeps asking; are those images really what we are going to implement? Insha’Allah by the Grace of Allah, your dua’s and your kind donations – YES ABSOLUTELY! Let us unite to beautify the house of Allah just as Allah has promised to build a palace in Jannah for those who partake in building a Masjid.

We have launched a new fund raising campaign that many of you have seen or can see at our website http://www.muadhibnjabal.org.  We need approx £500,000 to complete the masjid. PLEASE give it your all, lets give it the final push to complete our aims where we can be the beacon of Leicester and beyond in delivering a Masjid to worship Allah and providing Islamic Education to all!

End of Spring Update!

Big thank you to all of you for your kind support and especially to all of you who have donated so generously.  We are pleased to report major progress has been made since winter, made possible through your prayers, donations and the loans made available to the Masjid.  We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  All utility services have been installed and commissioned, AC system, Plumbing systems and Electrical supply has been commissioned with substantial 2nd fix commenced.  Underfloor heating systems installed and commissioned, floors have been completed, all walls plastered, base coat paint applied to all floors, car park base coat tarmac laid and boundary walls along Gamel Rd and Davenport Rd completed!  As always funds have been tight and we are unfortunately in the red having used substantial amount of loans generously made available by you all.  Please donate generously to help pay the loans back and bring our project to a successful completion!

End of Winter Update!

What a winter its been, one of the coldest for a long time, but during which we maintained momentum and met some major milestones!  We managed to complete major internal first fix Mechanical and Electrical works, major external groundworks excavating over 300 tons of hardcore from the previous demolished pub, installed site underground drainage, ducting, services, removed our beloved Cabin that we used for over 7 years amongst many other internal works!  Thanks to you all for maintaining your support during a very difficult and often challenging period.  But as we have heard so often Allah’s house will be made by Allah no matter what the difficulties and we are grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of this noble project!



End of Summer update

Much work has been done over the last three months, finally we have the building completely watertight and first phase works on Electrics, Heating and Ventilation is near completion.

As drainage works were needed the decision to prepare the whole parking area was made to save on costs and added disruption.

As always project funds are pretty much low at the moment and a final push from everyone to donate to get our Masjid to completion is required.


20 Days of Ramadhan have passed

MinaretMuch progress during Ramadhan, the scaffolding is coming down with the exterior of the walls being washed down.  1st and 2nd floor Windows are being fitted, the two small feature roofs on the front are progressing nicely.

More importantly the Minaret has been hoisted and installed, not long before the dome will be fitted together with its crescent (actually whilst I am writing this blog it is being done!!)

The ground floor arched window frames are being installed this week so come next week we should have the windows.

I have also been informed that the main dome work to clad it in the special “Platina copper – naturally green” will commence later on this week

Looking forward to the next pictures….

Pre Ramadan Update

Our plan was to move in during Ramadan 2017 but even with the delays due to weather and materials, it was unlikely we would have been able to keep up with the payments if it was on schedule.

Needless to say fantastic progress has been made and it is very likely that during the month of Ramadan we should have a fully water tight building with the Arch Windows, Minaret, Dome and at least temporary doors installed with any remaining blocked off.

We need to get as much funding during the month of Ramadan to give us a head start on the internal works.  Our Ramadan challenge  is to raise £500,000  which will allow us to pay for the remaining works for the first phase and then really give a boost to Electrical, Heating, Cooling and Plumbing works.




Slow but Steady start to 2017

With the poor weather early in the year it slowed down progress, however with spring coming you can see from the pictures it won’t be long before the brickwork is finally complete ready for the windows.

The structure for the dome has been built with the copper dome ordered and work on the Minaret is progressing nicely.

We pray that within the next few months the building is fully watertight with drains, windows and brickwork all complete.

As ever funding becomes more than critical at this time as work cannot stop so please promote our project.

End of 2016 update…

The specially ordered stone mouldings that wrap around the building has finally arrived so the brickwork for the next level can continue.

With the year coming to a close the bricklayers will continue this week and then recommence in the new year.

Our biggest  payment of almost £110,000 was paid this month and our funds have been reduced considerably.

All we ask from everyone is remember us in your duas for a successful completion so that we can open in Ramadan 2017, share our project with friends and families and support us financially as much as you can do.