20 Days of Ramadhan have passed

MinaretMuch progress during Ramadhan, the scaffolding is coming down with the exterior of the walls being washed down.  1st and 2nd floor Windows are being fitted, the two small feature roofs on the front are progressing nicely.

More importantly the Minaret has been hoisted and installed, not long before the dome will be fitted together with its crescent (actually whilst I am writing this blog it is being done!!)

The ground floor arched window frames are being installed this week so come next week we should have the windows.

I have also been informed that the main dome work to clad it in the special “Platina copper – naturally green” will commence later on this week

Looking forward to the next pictures….

One thought on “20 Days of Ramadhan have passed

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Warah’matulahi Wabarakaatahu,

    Just wanted to say that I just looked out of the kitchen window from Harringworth Road and I was greeted with a magnificent view of the Minaret (with the glorious green “copper” dome & crescent).



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