RAMADHAN MUBARAK to you all!.  Firstly let us thank Allah the All Mighty for accepting our dua’s and making it a reality to open the new Masjid for use this Ramadhan exactly as we intended and wished last Ramadhan!  Whilst it is not in its completed decorative state, it is none the less very comfortable and usable.  We are immensely proud and touched by your comments, support and satisfaction of finally being in the new masjid to worship none other than the only one Allah Subhanawata’ala!  We are pleased to see so many new faces and the comments of how comfortable and enjoyable everyone is finding this Ramadhan in the new masjid.  By now you may all have seen our interior design images and WOW what comments and approvals we have received from everyone.  Let us answer the question everyone keeps asking; are those images really what we are going to implement? Insha’Allah by the Grace of Allah, your dua’s and your kind donations – YES ABSOLUTELY! Let us unite to beautify the house of Allah just as Allah has promised to build a palace in Jannah for those who partake in building a Masjid.

We have launched a new fund raising campaign that many of you have seen or can see at our website http://www.muadhibnjabal.org.  We need approx £500,000 to complete the masjid. PLEASE give it your all, lets give it the final push to complete our aims where we can be the beacon of Leicester and beyond in delivering a Masjid to worship Allah and providing Islamic Education to all!

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